Books dedicate to the Carduelides

CARDELLINI E LUCHERINI CARDELLINI E LUCHERINI of G. de Baseggio. Anatomical characters distiniti to you, habitat and behavior, geographic variations and Subspecies, distribution, movements, voice of all the Species of Spinus South Americans and of Goldfinch are to black cap that to grey cap. Systematic philogenesis and in a work that does not have absolutely to lack in the showcase of an engaged breeder or an ornithologist.
Pages 312, £ 64.000 (Euros 33,1). The first edition has been exausted and the volume is in phase of reprint.
ALLEVAMENTO DEI CARDUELIDI ALLEVAMENTO DEI CARDUELIDI of G. de Baseggio. According to volume entire dedicated to the breeding in captivity of the Carduelidi, with the advanced techniques more for the breeding in purity, with described the experiences of the best breeders than European Finches.
Pages 312, £ 64.000 (Euros 33,1).

ALLEVAMENTO DEI FRINGILLIDI ALLEVAMENTO DEI FRINGILLIDI of G. de Baseggio. The third volume of the entusiasmante chain of books of the Prof. de Baseggio dedicates to you to the Carduelidi. One precious useful news size for the corrected management anniversary of a breeding of Finches.
Pages 336, £ 69.000 (34$).

IBRIDOLOGIA IBRIDOLOGIA of G. de Baseggio. An only in world-wide panorama ornithological book in order to face the topic of the Ibridologia with a look is technical scientific that practical, revealing therefore an absolutely irrenounceable job for the simple one is gotten passionate that for more over-particular of the ornitologist. Pages 318, £ 64.000 (Euros 33,1)


The book " Il Cardellino ", of  Massimo Natale and Leone Giuliano Pidalà

Other books realized of prof. De Baseggio:

FRINGILLIDI, Autori: Alderton - Baseggio - Prezzo £25.000 (E.12,92) CANARINI ARRICCIATI, Autore Baseggio - £22.000 (E.11,4) I PLOCEIDI, Autore Baseggio - £ 15.000 (E.7,75) PAPPAGALLINI ONDULATI, Autore Baseggio - £ 25.000 (E.12,92)
Fringillidi Canarini Arricciati I Ploceidi Pappagallini ondulati
CAMPIONI E RAZZATORI, Autore Baseggio - £ 69.000 (E. 35,7) BORDER-FIFE-ecc, Autore Baseggio - £ 49.500 (E. 25,57) PARIGINO-PADOVANO-GIGANTE ITALIANO, Autore Baseggio - £ 50.000 (E. 25,83)

The books demands realize you from the Prof. Giorgio de Baseggio can be telephoning, sending a fax or writing to the " Mondo degli Uccelli ", via Cerbai 11 - 40032 Camugnano (Bo) Tel.+39 0534/46479  -  Fax 0534/46569 or send email:  where it is specified the name, the last name and the address of the petitioner the book. Personally to forward the demand to the " Mondo degli Uccelli ".



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