Description of the Species

Scientific name: Carduelis carduelis (Linnaeus, 1758)
The male is characterized gives: head with black cap and typical template red-orange, tawny back, back  gray-whitish,black wings and tail with typical " pearls " whitewomen, wing crossing yellow typical gold of the carduelidi, abdomen white man, chest polluted white man of tawny (more to south is comedown, greater is loads with tawny).

The females differ from the males for small details that onlythe more expert and specialized eye succeeds to pick: the head moreis rounded off, the template does not exceed the eye, the shoulder (small copritrici andirons) is black gray-geen rather than (this last particular one is much profit in order to distinguish the sex of novels in the first months of life).

The typical Species is distributed in Europe and Africa of the north.
Ne exists various Subspecies, of which most famous it iswithout doubt the Carduelis Major, distributed mainly in Siberia and characterized, regarding the nominal shape, from decidedly more largeransom and smaller amount of tawny.

profilo mayor.jpg (10538 byte) in the male the template abundantly exceeds the posterior edge of the eye
profilo femm.jpg (13389 byte) the template in the female in kind does not exceed the half of the eye; the head is introduced more rounded offthan that one of the male
ala mas.jpg (17164 byte)

shoulder (small copritrici andirons) black polishes of the male


ala femm..jpg (15507 byte) shoulder gray-green in the female (tonotice the black one of the wings more opaque regarding the male of the previous figure)


     Jan Steen (1626-1679)



Jan Steen (1626-1679),
Il Cardellino (1654)